About Us

The Town of Marengo is located in northern Wisconsin on the base of the Penokee Mountain range in the northwest corner of Ashland County on Highway 13. Sprawling with 72.4 total square miles, the majority of Marengo's land holds stunning farmland, forest, residential areas, and commercial shops. The rest of the town is made up of lakes, rivers, and streams including the Brunsweiler River, a tributary to the Marengo River. Marengo is fortunate to have the Chequamegon National Forest which is home to beautiful wildlife and scenery.

Just south of the city of Ashland, the town is near the stunning shores of Lake Superior and the Chequamegon Bay. A short drive to Bayfield and a ferry ride will put you on the famous Apostle Islands. The awe-inspiring sea caves are also nearby to explore, either by kayak in the summer or trek in the winter.

Marengo has plenty of hiking and outdoor activities itself, such as fishing, hunting, snow mobile paths and is even near the North Country Trail that stretches from New York to North Dakota. If the outdoorsman in you is not yet satisfied, there are numerous day trips, such as Copper Falls State Park in Ashland County, that may do the trick. We hope to see you soon!