Maple Grove Cemetery

Located on Vista Road & Maple Grove Road in Marengo, Ashland County, Wisconsin

Grave Plots

Grave plots can be purchased at a reduced rate by Town of Marengo taxpayers ONLY. Taxpayers cannot purchase plots on behalf of non-taxpayers.
Rates for one plot:
a. $60.00 Town of Marengo taxpayers
b. $600.00 Non-taxpayers
Monuments or headstones may only be placed in the cemetery following instructions from the Sexton.
No trees shall be planted in the cemetery. Shrubs or small ornamental trees are permissible.
There is a limit of 4 grave plots that can be purchased at a time. All must be used before additional plots are purchased.
The location of the lots sold is at the Sexton & purchaser's agreed discretion.

Town of Marengo Burial Charges

Full Burial - "Burial Vaults Required" Weekday's $400.00 & Weekend Burials: $500.00
*Summer burial times are considered to be April 16th to December 14th

Full Burial - Winter
Weekday & Weekend Burials: $4000.00
*Winter burial times are considered to be December 15th to April 15th

Cremation Burial
Summer & Winter
Weekday's $ 200.00 & Weekend Burials: $300.00

Cemetery Sexton
Kathy Schutte
P: (715) 278-3702