Employment Opportunities

The Town Board and employees play an important part in the lives of the citizens it serves. Together we are committed to insuring a smooth town operation, so the Town of Marengo remains a vibrant and rewarding place to reside.

Employees of the Town of Marengo are employed by the Town Board and all residents of the town. The make-up of township employees includes the town board (Chairman, 2 Supervisors, Clerk, Treasurer), full-time town crew employees, dump & recycling employees, on-call part-time employees and election workers.

If you are interested in becoming an employee with the Township, please contact either the town chairman or town clerk for further information.

Town Board Terms

Chairman/Supervisor: The offices of town chairman and supervisor are elected. The term for all offices is for two years beginning on Tuesday, April 16, 2019.

Treasurer/Clerk: The term for the town treasurer/clerk is set by the town board up to three years. The position is filled by appointment of the majority of the town board. The town board may re-appoint the treasurer/clerk for additional terms.

Available Positions

Currently there are no available full-time/part-time employment opportunities with the Township at this time.