Town Hall Rental

The Town of Marengo Town Hall on County Hwy C

Town Hall Use Policy:

Anyone may use the Town Hall, by submitting a request to the Town Chairman or a Town Supervisor at least 2 weeks in advance. The individual or group desiring to use the Town Hall will be required to sign a waiver of liability prior to use of the building.

A fee of $15 will be charged for use of the Town Hall between October 15 and April 15 this fee may be waived by the Town Chairman.

The Town Hall must be left in neat and clean condition after use, with the normal seating arrangement in place after use.

There are no sanitary facilities in the Town Hall, however a portable outhouse located in the back of Town Hall is available for use.

The use of alcohol in the building or anywhere on the premises is absolutely forbidden.

Failure to meet any of the conditions of this policy may result in the loss of future use of the Town Hall by the group or individuals not meeting the requirements of this policy.